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Transform your Pool Area into a Stunning Oasis with Bluestone Crazy Pavers

Transform your Pool Area into a Stunning Oasis with Bluestone Crazy Pavers

Your outdoor landscape is often the first thing your guests notice when they visit your home and the first impression matters. So, if your driveway looks worn out or your pool area needs an upgrade, Bluestone crazy pavers will prove to be an excellent and versatile choice to spruce up any area. And the best thing about them is that they can blend in with any design theme – modern or conventional. Whether you aspire to create a warm, welcoming path for your garden or dream of giving a contemporary look to your pool, Bluestone crazy pavers fit the bill.

What are Bluestone Crazy Pavers?

Bluestone is a stunning natural stone known for its durability, strength and resistance to the elements. It’s a versatile material that is suitable for various outdoor applications. Its cool blue-grey blend creates an elegant and sophisticated look and complements all design requirements.

Crazy paving is a popular paving trend gaining ground worldwide. In this technique, irregular shapes and sizes of stones are laid haphazardly to create an eye-catching design pattern. The combination of Bluestone and crazy paving style is a perfect match and creates a mesmerising pattern that looks classy and is difficult to replicate with any other material.

Reasons why Bluestone Crazy Pavers are the Perfect Choice for Outdoor Spaces

  • Versatility

Bluestone crazy pavers are a versatile option for your space and can be used in various ways. They can be used in a single colour pattern to create a subtle yet eye-catching design. If you want a bold and striking look, mix and match a darker colour paver with a striking white coloured grout or a soft colour paver with a darker grout. They look great in any outdoor space such as patios, backyards, walkways and swimming pool areas. They can also create a stunning look in your indoor living areas such as in your kitchen or dining spaces.

  • Slip Safe Surface

They are available in a stunning blue-grey shade and are often used to dazzle spas and pool areas. Their natural surface texture provides a good grip on the ground and a safe surface for swimmers.

Their porosity prevents water from accumulating on the surface and allows easy drainage. All in all, Bluestone crazy pavers are a beautiful and practical choice for swimming pools and other moisture-prone areas. 

  • Durability

Bluestone crazy pavers are considered a durable stone material and are a long-lasting option for your outdoor spaces. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and regular wear and tear yet keep your spaces looking beautiful. Their ability to bear heavy loads and the weight of heavy furniture pieces makes them suitable for medium-heavy foot traffic areas.

  • Eye-catching Design

The organic beauty of Bluestone crazy pavers is truly captivating. Their stunning colour, texture and irregular shapes create a breathtaking view in any outdoor or indoor space. They can brighten up any design space to give it a fresh, modern look.

  • Low Maintenance

Bluestone Crazy pavers are a low-maintenance choice, making them desirable for any outdoor space. Regular sweeping does a great job. And occasional cleaning with soap and water is all that is needed to keep them in top condition. Additionally, annual sealing is recommended to preserve their appearance and create a shield on their surface, preventing them from staining and etching. 

Bluestone crazy paver is a gorgeous natural stone material and can accentuate any design space. Here we’ll talk about how you can dazzle your swimming pool surroundings using Bluestone Crazy Pavers. Read on.

How to Jazz Up Your Pool Area with Bluestone Crazy Pavers 

A swimming pool is a perfect chilling spot for family and friends to gather around during summer evenings. And when your pool area is decked with crazy pavers it creates a one-of-a-kind vibe, that you and your family will love spending time in. After all, the design of a space influences the overall ambience. So, if it’s time to spruce up your pool area, pick Bluestone crazy pavers, without a doubt and don’t forget to thank us later!

Here are some ways you can incorporate these stunning pavers into your pool design.

  • Choose large crazy paver sizes to create a clean, classic look. Experiment by adding striking white grout lines to create a uniform bold pattern. This works exceptionally well for larger landscapes.
  • Create an alluring pattern using small-sized crazy pavers around the edges of the swimming pool. This will work as a frame around the pool area and create an interesting visual element in your space.
  • You can incorporate Bluestone crazy pavers around your pool by creating a pathway leading up to the pool area. Add a few potted plants around the edges to create a unified look for your space.
  • Go all out with your imagination. Create a design layout using a mix and match of vastly different-sized irregular pieces and a neutral grout, when designing a small pool area. Balance this out by using standard-sized rectangular pavers around the edges.
  • Another way to create a remarkable look is to combine Bluestone with other natural stone crazy paving materials such as Travertine, Limestone or Sandstone to bring out different textures and tones in your space.
  • Bluestone Crazy pavers can also be used to create stunning outdoor stone furniture near your pool’s surroundings. Add some comfy cushions and plants to add a pop of colour.
  • Lastly, why use them just as flooring? Add a twist to your pool area and build a Bluestone crazy paver wall to demarcate the outdoor shower area and add a statement look to your space.

Summing it Up!

Overall, Bluestone crazy pavers are an outstanding choice for upgrading pool areas and other outdoor spaces. Their natural beauty adds charm and character, while their functional benefits make them a long-lasting investment. Moreover, they are durable, versatile and easy to clean and maintain. What more can one ask for?

So, don’t wait up. And take this opportunity to enhance your outdoor space with Bluestone crazy pavers. You’ll find many trusted suppliers across Australia, one of them is Stone Centre. Contact them today to learn more about crazy pavers, their pricing and installation method. Their team of experts will guide you to create the stunning pool area of your dreams.