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Choosing Between Stamped Concrete and Natural Stones as Outdoor Tiles

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Choosing Between Stamped Concrete and Natural Stones as Outdoor Tiles

Making the right material choice for outdoor tiles is crucial since it can affect their appearance, usability and durability. In Australia, stamped concrete and natural stones have emerged as the leading competitors.

So, which makes the superior outdoor tiles material between stamped concrete and natural stone?

The argument is now raging in the Australian building and construction community.

Both are attractive, reasonably priced and sturdy. Because of this, they are possibly the two most well-liked solutions available to consumers nowadays. Be it outdoor floor tiles or outdoor wall tiles, both these options are making heads turn.

Which is better, though?

In this blog post, we’ll go into the advantages and disadvantages of each choice so you can decide what best meets your interests and needs.

Should I get stamped concrete or natural stones for my outdoor tiles?

Your preference will determine whether to choose natural stones or stamped concrete for your outdoor tiles. While natural stones offer enduring beauty and durability, stamped concrete offers diversity and affordability. Let’s check out both options’ advantages and disadvantages, which can help you choose the best one according to your design requirements.

Stamped Concrete


  • There are numerous stamp pattern options. Some of the most well-liked materials are flagstone, slate and seamless stone.
  • You can pick from a huge selection of colours.
  • At least two colours are frequently present in stamped concrete.
  • A base colour is either troweled into the surface or incorporated with the concrete.
  • Just before stamping, a release agent, a second colour, is disseminated on top of the concrete.
  • The combination of these two hues gives stamped concrete its distinctive antiqued appearance.
  • At a fraction of the cost of the natural material, it can replicate other materials such as slate, flagstone or brick.
  • Concrete with stamps is sealed. It is shielded from the outside as well as pool chemicals like salt from systems that use salt water.


  • Concrete will eventually crack. 
  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to install control joints so that concrete will crack where it wants it to, although occasionally, it will crack naturally.
  • Getting no concrete is the only method to ensure there will be no cracks!
  • There is no assurance that the two trucks’ colours will match exactly if more than one cargo of concrete is needed.
  • Every two to three years, the sealer needs to be reapplied.
  • Without the inclusion of an anti-skid agent mixed in with the sealer (and it should be), the surface can be a little bit slippery.

Natural Stone Tiles


  • Pure elegance is embodied by natural stone outdoor tiles, which feature distinctive markings and colours that are nature’s stamp. These pavers accentuate the inherent beauty of the natural world, whether it is the earthy warmth of Limestone, the regal veining of Marble or Travertine’s rustic charm.
  • Every natural stone paver is a work of art embellished with distinct patterns, textures and hues. Your outdoor area gains a unique touch from its individualised quality, making it as unique as your taste.
  • Whether you choose the elegant timelessness of Cobblestone or the sophisticated allure of Granite, each outdoor tile has a unique tale to tell that bridges the gap between human artistry and the magnificence of nature.
  • Your outdoor retreat gains everlasting resilience from the natural stone outdoor tiles’ innate tenacity, which defies the passage of time. These outdoor tiles, which have been shaped over millennia by natural processes, can withstand daily use, weather and wear.
  • Natural stone outdoor tiles are a flexible medium that can accommodate many different design interpretations. These tiles effortlessly embrace your creative vision, whether you strive for a formal, classical plan or a casual, contemporary design.
  • Despite the sun’s intensity, natural stone pavers have a cooling effect that provides a comfortable walking surface. Your patio will always be a cosy hideaway because of its quick heat dissipation, making your outdoor experience even more enjoyable.
  • The appeal of natural stone outdoor tiles combines luxury and usefulness while requiring little maintenance to maintain their beauty. These outdoor pavers won’t need to be resealed or cleaned frequently to maintain their beauty for years.
  • Choosing natural stone outdoor tiles is a decision that will pay off now and in the future. Their ageless appeal instantly beautifies your outside space and increases the value of your home over time.


  • They could settle and shift over time if they are not fitted properly.
  • Unless you use polymeric sand, which has a polymer ingredient added so that it can bind together between the pavers and harden, weeds can sprout up between pavers. Although it does prevent weeds, it must be treated again every few years.
  • Even amongst multiple pallets of material from the same truck, the output may be unwelcome colour variation.

So what say you? Which do you prefer?

We like natural stone outdoor pavers and tiles because of their enduring benefits. They provide a timeless and magnificent outdoor space with their unrivalled attributes, which include aesthetics, sustainability and durability. Turn to Stone Depot for a better selection; it is the go-to place for a wide assortment of premium natural stone outdoor tiles. Enhance your outdoor area with these durable materials, which Stone Depot’s extensive and reliable selections expertly supply.