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Pros and Cons of Marble Natural Stone for Bathrooms


Pros and Cons of Marble Natural Stone for Bathrooms

Should your bathroom’s floor, walls or shower be made of natural stone? This historic building material is a respectable alternative for many homeowners’ modern bathrooms.

Marble and other types of natural stone have long been symbols of wealth and power when utilised for floors and other surfaces in residential buildings. The physical labour required for quarrying, cutting, and transporting natural stone meant that only the wealthiest citizens—or the government itself—could afford to use these materials in their structures in the ancient civilisations of Persia, Greece and Italy.

Marble pavers are one of the most abundant natural stones, which screams exclusivity. The stone is a true focus point of any room in which it is set due to its distinctive veining and stunning colours. Additionally, no two pieces of Marble will ever be identical, thanks to the pretty patterns of these veins.

Regarding living areas, including kitchens and galleries, Marble pavers are a popular choice. However, customers frequently question if Marble pavers are appropriate for bathrooms.

Pros and Cons of Marble Natural Stone for Bathrooms

Let’s know some basics about Marble.

For thousands of years, Marble, a metamorphic rock, has been a preferred material for both architecture and sculpture. Marble primarily consists of calcite, formed through the intense heat and compression of limestone. Marble used to be seen by many as a symbol of wealth and power, but it is now affordable to households throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Around the world, from Italy to the United States and India, quarries are used to mine Marble. The hues and patterns of the stone’s veining will vary depending on where a slab of Marble was mined. As an illustration, Cararra marble, which is quarried in the Italian town of Cararra, is renowned for its uniform white tone and light blue-grey veining.

Are you contemplating installing Marble pavers or tiles in your bathroom? Here are the pros and cons.

Pros of Marble pavers

Let’s start with the benefits of setting up this stunning natural stone.


Marble pavers, flooring or walls can enhance the design of any space. You can also blend colours to create a special colour scheme for the design of your floor or wall. Veins also give tiles a dramatic appearance, particularly when contrasting the stone’s colour. Each tile is a unique work of art because of the veins.

The fact that Marble pavers and tiles have been used for centuries will give your bathroom a polished appearance. Its ongoing popularity ensures that your bathroom will remain fashionable for many years.

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Shiny and Translucent

Marble pavers are strong natural stones that can withstand heavy polishing while other stone tiles break. No matter how much you polish it, the floor will still have a beautiful sheen. These Marble pavers or tiles will stand out in your bathroom because of their sparkling appearance. It is a transparent stone by nature. Any other substance cannot match its brightness.

Environmentally friendly

Marble pavers don’t require chemical processing because it is natural. It is more environmentally friendly than synthetic floor materials, which may emit hazardous gases. Marble flooring also brings the beauty of nature to your house. Particularly those rich blue, they harness the energy of Mother Nature and relax the human mind.

Marble density

Due to their hardness, Marble pavers have a very high density. This makes it a fantastic option for high-traffic or often-used locations, including the lavatory. Marble flooring can frequently last a lifetime with the right upkeep and care. By doing this, the owner avoids having to pay for new flooring.


Lack of colour is one issue about which you should not worry. You may be confident that you will find Marble pavers that suit your interior style because an infinite variety of Marble colours are available. While white Marble is the most prevalent type, various colours like grey, yellow, red, pink, green and black are all options.

Increased value

Your property’s worth will rise if you install Marble pavers or tiles. This is due to its upscale elegance and endurance. Homebuyers know that marble floors will always be in style and last long. When a home is sold, real estate agents assert that homeowners who invest in natural stone can receive a 200% return.

Cons of Marble Pavers

Here are the most significant drawbacks since you already know all the perks.


Marble is a very expensive natural stone since it is so sought-after. Many varieties of Marble are hard to come by, which makes them pricey. Marble pavers, however, will last longer than other types of construction. This can offset the price disparity. And, if you are getting the premium product, then you’re in a great profit in future aspect.

Easily scratched

On the Mohs scale, which evaluates the scratch-resistance of minerals, this substance has a hardness rating of about three. In other words, it is easily scratched if not well maintained. The Marble pavers surface can be severely damaged by scraping and chipping, and in this situation, replacing the damaged tile is the only solution.


Even though it has a solid crystalline structure, Marble pavers or tiles can get dented or smashed. This is why you must get them sealed immediately after installation. Sealing the Marble pavers helps with minimising the foot traffic effects. Additionally, it helps maintain the polished and glossy appearance of the marble.


We mentioned how excellent Marble pavers are at being waterproof. However, due to its shiny surface, it can also be slippery, particularly polished Marble bathroom floors. While Marble pavers or tiles will make your bathroom look ready for a showroom, we suggest installing slip-proof carpets to avoid any accidents.


Being a natural stone, Marble pavers and tiles and porous in nature. Marble can absorb common spills like hair colour, makeup remover and even some soaps, but it won’t let much water go through to your subfloor. The pavers or tiles will become discoloured because of this. They may even take on an entirely new appearance. Darker colours can prevent this, while lighter ones cannot. A marble tile will therefore need to be maintained. As was already explained, the spills won’t leave a permanent stain by using an annual sealant.

The Final Takeaway

When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of installing Marble pavers and tiles in your bathroom, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Marble pavers’ ageless beauty, sturdiness and opulent feel make it a top option for bathroom decor. Its inherent variances give each room a special touch and create a unique atmosphere.

However, it’s crucial to source your Marble pavers and tiles from a reputable wholesaler who offers premium-grade options, such as Stone Depot. This ensures you receive the highest quality Marble that will stand the test of time and retain its elegance. So, while Marble may have a few drawbacks, with the right supplier, you can enjoy its many benefits to your bathroom for years to come.