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5 Reasons Why Granite Flooring Is a Smart Choice for Your Living Space

Granite pavers

5 Reasons Why Granite Flooring Is a Smart Choice for Your Living Space

Despite Granite being the preferred choice for counters in kitchens and bathrooms, it is sometimes disregarded as a choice for flooring by homeowners who are seeking a more stylish alternative. However, the real story is that, aside from countertops, Granite flooring is one of the most frequently used natural stone tiles that construction professionals and interior designers use globally.

Its excellent compressive strength and resilience to weathering, climate and heavy use make it ideal for furniture, cladding, flooring and load-bearing structures.

The only naturally occurring stone that comes in such a wide range of colours is probably Granite. In a classic or modern setting, whether it be for a home or business, you can choose the exact colour, style and texture you want.

In this blog, we’ll talk about why Granite is a widely used flooring choice around the world and why you ought to seriously think about getting Granite tiles for your flooring. Get ready to find out and make a well-informed choice for your new construction project or renovation!

Here are Five Advantages of Having Granite Flooring

Here’s a list of factors to think about if you’re looking for remodelling or intending to build a new home or space.

1. Granite Surfaces Are Long-Lasting

Granite’s durability is one of its most appealing features. Granite flooring is a wise choice for homeowners who anticipate heavy foot activity in particular areas of their homes. Your Granite tiles should last for many years if you use the proper sealer and cleanser.

2. There’s A Wide Selection of Colours and Patterns

When it comes to floor tiles, you don’t have to limit yourself to black Granite, which is one of the most common options for countertops. Mother Nature sculpted the appearance of stone over millions of years, giving each stone slab that is taken out of quarries across the globe, a unique look. Opt for lighter-coloured Granite tiles with pink flecks and delicate veining or green Granite tiles to create a one-of-a-kind design to last for generations. If you want something stylish yet safe, silver-grey hues of Granite are the best pick and work well with almost any decor style and colour theme.

3. It Can Withstand Staining

One strong reason to match Granite floor tiles to your kitchen counters is stain resistance. Granite is a popular choice for food preparation surfaces since it is more stain-resistant than some other flooring materials. Spills can be readily removed from Granite tiles as long as the tiles have been properly sealed. Use only the designed pH-neutral Granite floor cleaner if a stain occurs. If you are unsure about how to clean your natural stone floors, get in touch with a professional.

4. Granite Surfaces Are Hypoallergenic

There’s no need to fret about allergic reactions while letting kids play directly on spotless Granite floors. Granite doesn’t hold fluids or dampness where bacteria can grow because it isn’t as permeable as some other natural stone varieties. So, it’s an ideal choice for people who prioritise family safety.

5. Granite Flooring Can Boost Your Property’s Worth

Granite countertops are a common feature seen in kitchens and baths for aeons. But nowadays we get to see Granite used as flooring for patios, pools, walkways and even kitchen and bathroom floors, as builders are aware that Granite floors are a feature that potential buyers with larger budgets might look for. Granite flooring is something that home evaluators who perform comprehensive property assessment evaluations also observe, especially in cases where comparable listings lack this particular amenity. So, don’t think twice before investing in Granite tiles, they are sure to get you high returns on your property in the future.

6. Adaptable to Varying Budgets

Granite costs more than other flooring materials available on the market, but in the long run, its advantages make it a more economical choice. Your investment will be repaid with enhanced property value, lifespan and enduring beauty. Granite flooring is available in several grades. You can select the option that best suits your needs and price range.

  • Commercial Grade: The least expensive Granite tile in the market is this one. There are some obvious defects along with simple, plain colours. Due to their thinness, the tiles need to be reinforced when being installed.
  • Standard Granite: This type has fewer flaws and is thicker. Even the colours and designs have a little more individuality compared to commercial grade.
  • Premium Grade: True to its name, with consistent thickness and faultless design, this is the best quality Granite stone available. This category includes the majority of the visually striking hues, patterns and textures.

Final Thoughts: Does Granite Flooring Work for Every Home?

Granite is a strong, durable stone with an eye-catching appearance. Granite comes in more hues and textures than any other stone. Additionally, with so many alternatives, choosing something that complements your house and style tastes is simple. However, make sure you know exactly where you want to install the Granite before making your selection. This adaptable stone both blends in and stands out when used as flooring or cladding for any space which is a distinctive quality.

Additionally, when choosing finishes for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and outdoor spaces, remember to take your time to assess, especially if you have young children or senior family members living with you.

To ensure a seamless transformation, choose a reliable one from among the many Granite suppliers available. Check Google reviews or ask for recommendations to ensure you’re making the right choice. Stone Centre is one such supplier that can assist you in choosing the ideal Granite flooring option for your house or place of business. Do not be hesitant to request a free sample or to chat with their stone experts so that you make the best decision for your space.