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Dasta & Sons

Dasta & Sons

Dasta & Sons – The Best Shop to Buy Highest Quality Organic Garden Material for Comprehensive Price in Melbourne
Are you looking for reliable local mulch suppliers in Melbourne? Well, consider Dasta & Sons. We are the best garden material supplier in Melbourne.

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Our Services/Products

  1. Fertilizers: All our fertilizer products are from Australian suppliers. We sell only organic fertilizers and are environmental friendly with 0% chemical.
  2. Potting Mixes: We offer a wide range of potting mix bags, orchid potting mix, and cactus potting mix which is the essential potting mix for indoor plants.
  3. Pebbles: We sell decorative pebbles for a garden that will be crucial for stopping water loss from your garden soil.
  4. Chips/Mulch/Barks: To retain soil moisture and to keep your soil cool, we offer a wide range of mulch like pine bark mulch, natural mulch, and black wood mulch. Also, our bag of garden woodchips and Pine Park are the most recommended product to use in the garden.
  5. Veggie/Herb Mix: If you are planning to grow vegetables and herbs in your garden without using any chemicals, then preferring our succulent potting mix, seedling potting mix, and native potting mix would be the best option.
  6. Rocks: Our products scoria/volcanic rock, crushed marble, and other crushed rocks are the best products to decorate your garden.
  7. Soil Improver: Our dolomite soil improver gives essential magnesium, calcium and minerals to your plants.
  8. Pathway: Use our Lilydale topping material to create more appealing pathways and driveways for your garden or yards.
  9. Sand: We sell high-quality white wasted sand and concrete sand which are versatile materials for your landscaping. Why Choose Us?
    • 15+ Years of Experience
    • Family Operated Company
    • Massive Warehouse
    • Wide Range of Products
    • Deliver Products Around Melbourne
    • Affordable Price Our Expertise
    Dasta & Sons Pty Ltd has 15 years of experience in selling the best garden materials packaging in bags and potting mix delivery all across Melbourne. All our products including organic garden fertilizer, garden soil supplies, and organic fertilizer for plants are 100% organic and eco-friendly.
    We are the best shop, where you can find cheap cow manure for sale. Location & Contact Details
    Dasta & Sons is located in Campbellfield, VICTORIA. However, we deliver our garden materials across Melbourne.
    Feel free to talk to our experts and get the right garden materials from us.
    43 Malcolm Place, Campbellfield VICTORIA 3061
    Phone: (03) 9357 8965 || 0411 402 401
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