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Camati Food & Beverage

Camati Food & Beverage

Street Address 1:
Unit 12/36 Latitude Blvd


Victoria (VIC)

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Business Phone Number:
0143 956 2213

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Based in Thomastown, Victoria, Camati Food & Beverage epitomizes the essence of a local, family-run wholesaler and distributor in the vibrant heart of Melbourne, Australia. With a rich history stretching back over seven years, this business has woven itself into the fabric of the local community, dedicated to supporting and promoting Australian-made and owned brands.

At its core, Camati offers an eclectic mix of beverages that cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences. From the aficionado of imported beers to the connoisseur of local Australian ciders, and from the health-conscious individual seeking organic kombucha to the one craving natural fruit juices, Camati’s range is meticulously curated to ensure every palate is satisfied. Their commitment to variety extends beyond beverages to include an assortment of dry goods. Gourmet cheeses, premium oils, and authentic olives stand testament to Camati’s dedication to quality and diversity.

The distribution network of Camati is a testament to its efficiency and reach, spanning from the bustling streets of Melbourne to the scenic expanses of the Yarra Valley, and further stretching to the coastal havens of the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, not to mention the historic cities of Geelong and Ballarat. This expansive distribution ensures that the essence of Camati’s offerings enriches a wide spectrum of venues, from cozy local cafes to prestigious restaurants.

What sets Camati apart is not just its product range but its commitment to sustainability and health. The selection includes Victorian mineral water sourced from the renowned springs of Daylesford and Hepburn, alongside innovative offerings like Victoria’s aluminum-canned Wallaby Water and PS Organics’ natural, organic beverages from NSW. Their catalog is a reflection of their ethos, blending tradition with innovation, and offering alternatives like the Alternative Dairy Co’s range of plant-based milks made from Australian ingredients.

Camati’s service philosophy is rooted in partnership and personalization. Understanding that each venue has its unique vibe and clientele, they work closely with their customers to tailor offerings that resonate with the venue’s character. Their proactive approach in sourcing and supplying requested products underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction and adaptability.

In conclusion, Camati Food & Beverage is more than just a wholesaler and distributor. It is a beacon of local enterprise, a champion of Australian products, and a curator of quality beverages and gourmet dry goods. For venues looking to elevate their offering with premium, locally-sourced drinks and foods, Camati stands ready to partner, personalize, and provide with the warmth and dedication only a family-owned business can offer.