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Paving for Safety: The Effect of Granite Block Paving on Traffic Speed and Accidents

Granite for Your Driveway - Stone Depot

Speeding traffic is a significant problem in many urban areas, with drivers often prioritising reaching their destination quickly over the safety of others. The consequences of speeding can be severe, including increased accidents and injuries, noise pollution and decreased air quality. Moderating traffic speed in urban areas is necessary to create safer and more livable […]

Best Alternatives to Marble Flooring Tiles

Marble Flooring Tiles

Whenever we talk about flooring and the options to go for to get an aesthetic look, Marble is the name that resonates with luxury and style. They have been a popular option for a long time now. However, several Marble tiles and Pavers alternatives offer similar distinctive qualities and designs. Be it natural stones or […]

5 Benefits of Travertine Pavers and Tiles for Outdoor Flooring

Travertine Floor Tiles

Are you planning to turn your outdoor landscape into a mesmerising retreat that mixes aesthetics and practicality? Imagine a flooring material that delivers durability and versatility and adds a magical touch to your patio or pool deck. It is where Travertine pavers and tiles come into the picture. These wonderful materials, made from natural Limestone, […]

The Art of Stone Wall Cladding: Design, Durability, and Versatility

Wall Cladding

For centuries, stone wall cladding has been a popular and practical design component protecting our walls and outdoor facades, but today it encompasses much more. Modern-day wall cladding acts like an empty canvas for designers and architects when it comes to designing aesthetically attractive indoor and outdoor spaces. It serves as an intricate tapestry of styles that […]

Pros and Cons of Marble Natural Stone for Bathrooms


Should your bathroom’s floor, walls or shower be made of natural stone? This historic building material is a respectable alternative for many homeowners’ modern bathrooms. Marble and other types of natural stone have long been symbols of wealth and power when utilised for floors and other surfaces in residential buildings. The physical labour required for […]

Choosing Between Stamped Concrete and Natural Stones as Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Paver Design Ideas

Making the right material choice for outdoor tiles is crucial since it can affect their appearance, usability and durability. In Australia, stamped concrete and natural stones have emerged as the leading competitors. So, which makes the superior outdoor tiles material between stamped concrete and natural stone? The argument is now raging in the Australian building […]